Monday, May 3, 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend Washout

Well it didn't rain here but my God the tipping was absolutely bloody awful this bank holiday weekend.

Make it now 37 bets;

1 winner, 1 place, 35 losers.

Now I'm totally bought in to this long term chat and that you're going to have periods like this but this really is awful. Is this the best that there is????

It was a real blow to see JP signing out his blog on Friday. But I can totally understand why he has done it and I'm sure the feeling of responsibility of updating the blog every day was an added burden with so many people following and commenting. It was a great read. But when someone like JP is struggling to make it work you have to wonder whether it's worth doing.

Lets be honest the last 6 months have been inconsistent for a number of tipsters and all I've managed to do is break even and just about cover the subscriptions for all the services. What's the point of all the time spent on it if that's all you're going to do? Clearly there are exceptions to the general awfulness - Equine Investments, Football Elite, and Each Way Value are the three I subscribe to that would be excluded from this - but overall it's been poor poor poor.

I'm finishing off my April results which will look ok but once you take subs into account thats the money gone. I'll hopefully post these shortly.

I'm away with work for a few days but taking some stuff with me and making some decisions about what to do next.

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