Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Update

Been a busy week at work so not been able to update as much as I would've liked.

Couple of bets of note today;

SLH had a 1 pt win bet Lisdonagh House at 6/1 (tipped at 9/1 but I forgot to phone the line!!) which didn't deliver but no major damage done.

Mathematician continues in fine form with Resplendent Nova coming in - tipped at 13/2 - I got 6/1 (I was late with getting the bet on as I was in a meeting!). SP was down to 3/1 so great result there.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quick Update

Quiet day on the racing front but a couple of account bets;

Mathematician good run came to an end with nothing with 2 e/w singles and an e/w dbl.

Equine Investments fantastic run continues Alfresco winning in the 3.40 at Lingfield. Best I could manage was 7/1 (8/1 was on offer in places) as I was a couple of minutes late picking the message up but still a very good win!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sorry Saturday

Busy day on the account on Saturday - always seems to be the case but doesn't necessarily mean that Saturdays are bumper profit days - yesterday being case in point. Not totted up the sums but suspect i came out of it quite a bit down.

Only real winning bets of note was Silver by Nature from 4PA in the 3.35 at Haydock - I got 6/1 but price drifted to 7/1 so BOG happy days - it all adds up!!

SLH had another 4 point win bet yesterday, Knockara Beua in the 2.15 at Ascot - I got 11/4 on this but the horse made mistakes and finished 4 lengths behind favourite Burton Point. I mentioned that I thought SLH hadn't had any 4 pt win bets in the time I've been with him but reviewed my stats and he certainly has with mixed results. Suppose I need to decide what I'm comfortable betting - £140 (i play £35 per point on SLH) for me is a lot of money on one horse. Wonder if I should move SLH to level stakes. I'm going to do some analysis and keep you posted on that.

Tipping Legends and Double The Odds both continuing poor runs overall. DTO especially - another 7 losers yesterday!!

Monday night is my usual stats up date night and will keep you up to date as to how things go.

No racing today i see due to the weather! A relaxing Sunday ahead then!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Very quiet on Thursday with only a couple of bets coming through.

Tipping Legends stick to their winning-ish ways with Anquetta coming 2nd in 2pm af Ffos Las - good thing here was tipped at 6/1 and SP of 11/1 which increased the profit.

Mathematician came out positive again today - nice to see some winners finally coming through. MAthematician is the tipping service i've been with the longest and it's been a roller coaster but I enjoy the extra analysis put into messages.

Equine had one tip yesterday - 20/1 shot that by the time i managed to get into bet (i was in a meeting) price had crashed to 12/1 in most places. Think i was 25 mins behind the game - but in the end it was a non runner so while I would've appreciated at 12/1 winner I would've been gutted at loosing out of getting on at 20/1!! A double edged sword!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The dream is still alive!!

And so it is with a good winning day yesterday thanks to both SLH and Tipping Legends.

Tipping Legends have started turning the corner hopefully with a 4.5pt profit from Thedreamstillalive coming in 2nd at 16/1 - hopefully this is indeed a turning point!

SLH had two account bets with Plum Pudding doing the job at 9/2 in the 3.10 at Leicester. Happy days. The other bet Sir Punjabi didn't do so well which meant my each way double I always do with SLH acct bets where there is an opportunity didn't come in.

A good, profitable day!! More later hopefully!! Does feel like SLH is really on form at the moment which is good news for me!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rotten Day

Wasn't much happening on the tipping lines today but what did happen wasn't very good!!

Tipping Legends poor run of form continues dropping another 5 points today with Tri Chara and Snow Day both coming unstuck at Southwell. Really is a poor run of form from Tipping Legends but the ability is there - seen from some results towards the end of the year and a couple of decent winners can change everything. I'm not worried... yet!!

Each Way value had a couple of qualifiers - the only one I got matched at min odds on Betfair was Cheery Cat who did hee haw. Fuzzy Cat won that race. Bizarre.

Interesting Equine Investments didn't have any bets today but did briefly go over 3 races in Southwell - all he got spot on!! Quality tipping. Must remember to sort my subs out for this year before the deadline

Anyway hopefully better racing tomorrow!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mixed Bag

Mixed bag today all in all - stung by a whopping 4 pointer from SLH which came in 2nd. Not sure I remember a 4 point single bet from Steve before!!

So in the end it wasn't too be and in the 4.30 at Plumpton Bormo finished a massive 15 lengths behind AP McCoy ridden, N Henderson trained Tanks for That. Frustrating - AP McCoy has been a nemisis for me to a certain extent - tried to get into the laying game a few months ago and got stung a wee bit laying his rides!! Was tinkering rather than being serious so it was my own fault.

Anyhow the rest looked like this;

Equine came up with Tropical Blue - best odds I could get 3/1. An each way bet which I thought was a bit strange but duly came in 2nd so I wasn't too unhappy with getting the majority of my stake back

Poor day again from Tipping Legends - both De Boitron and Ellen Tilley not delivering so another 6 points down. I'm just totting up my spreadsheets and isn't looking too pretty.

Only other quick mention is had an account bet win from the mathematician in the shape of Miami Gator so happy with that!!

Just adding my 2010 figures up and almost finished January. Looking like an excellent month for Equine Investments, SLH and Each Way Value and not so good for the rest (especially Tipping Legends).

Will provide more detail as soon as I'm done with that!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back to Singing the Blues

Well after yesterday with a 12.75pt profit made on SLH double thinking my luck had turned back to another dismal day today.

SLH has upped the number of bets recently which is great but another 3pointer failed to deliver today. That's big bets which I'm not sure are delivering the goods to be honest - something I need to analyse as I've always been wary of the big bets from SLH - sometimes make me wonder if it's worth just playing level stakes. Shouldn't really complain as we're in profit for the week from SLH and really that's what its all about. Long term long term long term!

Tipping Legends stinking form continues though with another 9 points down again today. Only bet from Equine was a non runner.

Miserable, my happiness short lived but I think maybe a corner is being turned! Still treading water though - no more. no less.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Groundhog Day

Another quiet, losing day yesterday. Hopefully things will begin to pick up.

2 more losers from Double the Odds - dread to think what their stats look like for 2010 but not be pretty once I add it all up I'm sure.

Punter Profits selection lost as did Mocho - a strong 4 point bet from Tipping Legends who are on a shocking run at the moment.

Only bright spot was Veronicas Boy finishing 2nd for Each Way Qualifiers but no way made up for the above!!

Poor poor poor!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Invisible Profits

Monday was a quiet day but another losing day so not too happy!! Had a hard day putting bets on as I was travelling again.

Biggest bet of the day was 3 point win from SLH who I got on at 11/4 with ladbrokes so just above the min of 5/2. And invisible man was just that finishing 6th. Not great for a big bet in my book.

Equine and Mathematician both put horses up in the 3pm at Wolverhampton - Geezers Colours from Equine recommended at 8/1 (I got 11/2) and Ravi River from Mathematician (I got got best odds guarantee at 9/4). Surprisingly (without being mean) Mathematician did the job!!

Still a losing day overall, compounded by Double the Odds miserable run continuing!!

Feel like little progress being made at the moment. Hopefully the corner will turn!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Dismal day indeed with a complete wipeout with not one single bet placed coming in!!

Equine Investments, SLH and the Mathematician stayed off the account today so not a huge amount happening but Tipping Legends drew a blank knocking another 11pts off. Punter Profits, Double the Odds and Football Elite all doing nothing as well!!

And here was me hoping for a good weekend after Newcastle winning 5-1 last night!!

Feels like very little progress being made since the start of the year. Haven't finalised my 2009 figs or 2010 yet so will need to see how things are going. Not very well is probably the answer!!

Equine subs are due by 1 April as well so need to start winning some cash!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back at home! Back on track?

Back at home today. Didn't manage to get all the bets on today as I'm continuing to struggle with the Orange reception on my iphone - driving me barmy at the moment!

Anyway was a good day with a profit on what I did get on thankfully!

SLH recommended an each way dbl - both horses coming in the places and resulting on a return of stake so nothing lost there.

Couple of horse from Tipping Legends - with Benfleet Boy doing the goods giving me a 4.2pt profit on the day with them and Equine Investments, Follow the Flag not doing anything at all in the 5.20 at Wolverhampton.

Trying to do basic updates wherever I can so will come to what i call my ramblings when I have more time!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Quick Update

Been a busy time with work as I continue to tour the country with work putting extra pressure on the old bets!!

Nothing much happening with things today. 5 mentions (i think they were all mentions) from Equine Investments delivered a small profit on the day so can't argue with that.

Tipping Legends poor run continues - Grand Honour losing at Wolverhampton - 2 pt loss.

Generally feels like I'm treading water at the moment.