Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where do we go from here?

Not a reference to bets today as I probably came out about evens on the day. Prosystem delivered another winner at top notch odds - 16/1 at SP although I settled for 12/1 with Blue Square. Other results didn't go my way unfortunately.

All the golf bets are on for the weekend with the Singapore Open already underway tonight.

Title reference? I'm a Newcastle United season ticket holder. Need i say more.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


A great day today with a top whack 5 pointer from Tipping Legends delivering the goods and another winner from the prosystem team which I got at 13 on betfair and a good return on the place part too. So happy days indeed.

Although I did spend most of the afternoon thinking what I would do with the cash if the TL yankee bet came in... I also put a small acca separately as well for some reason but the 10000/1 odds I couldn't resist. But the odds are as they are because really I'm more likely to get struck by lightening....

....and it wasn't to be as i sat on the bus home checking the results I realised it was back to reality and hopefully another good betting day tomorrow!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Monday...

Not because of the betting of course but more like a dreadful day at work all in all... Monday's are never good.

A small profit on the day with prosystem coming up with a 1st (which I bet at under 11/1 recommendation at 10/1) and a 14/1 2nd in the same race (5.10pm at Kempton). I say a small profit as I've got tiny stakes on the prosystem stuff at the moment as I got my fingers a bit burnt earlier in the year by wading in just as they hit a horrible losing streak. To be fair to the guys there they were totally up front and honest about it all and offered refunds.

I decided to stick it out and paper traded for a wee bit before dipping my toe in the water again in July. Think I will be back in profit eventually but just slightly nervous before I up my stakes again.

Nothing much else happening today although close to being a great day as I had a cheeky bet on the 4.40 at Kempton based on the draw bias and nearly got myself a 37/1 winner from the top draw - Absa Lutte won again (after delivering for me over the weekend). Close but no cigar although looking at the race review I believe it didn't have a chance of winning in the end but a worthy second!

Just had another nose at the ATR website and looks like Hugh Taylor isn't in the Bermuda Triangle but actually just off on hols. Made me chuckle when I saw a note from the Editor confirming he was ok as so many punters had emailed to see where he was!! Great stuff.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quiet Day

Pretty quiet today with only a few bets coming through. Both Tipping Legends and SLH tipping horses in the 3.20 at Aintree. I added a reverse forecast and came away with nowt.

Not the best week for SLH but I've reviewed my stats from last year and the next few months should hopefully hot up. SLH is a NH specialist and the NH season is kicking off now and form will become apparent as the days go by. Listened to his review message tonight and as he quite rightly says one winner can turn things round despite the 10 point knock on the week. I'm not worried.

Hoping some delivery on the golf later on but Ryan Moore hasn't started off too well. Football Elite delivered another couple of winners today so far with one more to go - stunning performance for this season so far and a great anaylsis going with each bet.

Had planned to do some analysis today in terms of where i'm at, the punter profit nh stats and look at some of Hugh Taylor at ATR results to see if there is any value going in at SP. The price for his tips always falls quickly so with me working full time its impossible to get on at prices suggested. Not had a chance to finish any of this and Hugh Taylor seems to have disappeared off the face of ATR when I looked about 10 mins ago...

I need to get better at updating my spreadsheets as it takes forever when I leave it for three weeks as I have but so far in good territory for October - thanks mainly to Tipping Legends from what I can see. Want to get bang up to date and we can see where we are for October.

Another thing for the to do list is to work out if my portfolio is skewed right and I've got the balance ok in terms of £ per point for each service.

Time is always against me though...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A good good day

Well after all my moaning on Thursday, the last couple of days have been really good days. Tipping Legends delivering the goods once again and Double The Odds adding to the fantastic winner last Saturday with another excellent long-odds winner. Swept up some of the early price which made it feel even better - think I doubled my winnings by doing that which is always great. The day ended with a good winner from a personal bet at Kempton.

Some Saturdays I spend quite a bit of time getting the bets on and seeing if there is anything I can add with personal bets but today was a kind of up and out day where i was on the go from start to finish and trying to get the bets placed with my mobile phone - something thats not always easy to do with variable reception from the mighty Orange and the tedious slowness sometimes of the bet2go software.

Don't get me wrong bet2go is a godsend for me as it lays out the prices for a number of bookies and is easy to bet through but its pretty slow sometimes and the odds aren't always completely up to date. Often I have to settle for a price a couple of pips off the best price on offer. Be good if more bookies joined the frame on there as I'm slowly get pushed out by all of them signed up to the software as I use them the most and two of them on there are hopeless - mainly sportingbet and skybet - two of the worst bookies out there in terms of restrictions and odds slashing. More on that sometime in the future.

Anyway my original point being is that betting on the go means that I have to accept that best prices aren't always available to me. Not ideal but its a trade off I'm happy to make as it means that I can have a life as well as getting the bets on and winning some cash.

Got some NH Punter Profits stats that the guys there have pointed us to to mull over if I get time tomorrow to see if it can help me with my personal bets, but again it's another busy day out and about and may have to leave that for another day.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frustrating Times

Even more frustrating times when i type up a post and it doesn't save as my wireless connection fails!!

One thing I still haven't got used to in this tipster business is the highs and lows and the inevitable losing streaks that happen. I was on a role over the weekend, all tipsters performing well and by having a portfolio it didn't matter if a couple didn't deliver - I managed to add about £1800 to my account so very happy with all that. Since then i've managed to lose about £700 of that through a nasty losing streak where every tipster has failed to deliver.

Now it's not bad being £1100 up in 7 days and i shouldn't really complain and I'm just really sounding off. Think I'm more frustrated that I always hoped by spreading risk and having a number of tipsters then if one was having an off period then the others would pick up the slack. However it doesn't appear to always work like that. Understanding things more now then it makes sense that that is the case. A really good article in the SBC Betting Portfolio explains it in terms of time of year its clear when horse racing is going to more risky. Worth a read if you subscribe.

Think spreading across sports is the way forward and I'm now covered with Football and Darts too. Enjoying the analysis that these guys are providing too.

I'm not having a go at the tipsters at all as they've all made (just about) a good profit for me since i started up it's just soul destroying seeing the money going back out to the bookies!! I did hope a couple of cheeky wee winners in the first few 5 furlong races at Kempton would deliver but absolutely no success so a pretty much whitewash today except for a small winner on leamington lad and another small e/w punt on Whisky Magic!! Down about £200 today though!!

We live to fight another day...

My Betting Life

Hi All,

Over the last year and a bit I've been working on building a portfolio of tipsters to help me earn a size able secondary income and pay for the little luxuries in life.
I've been an avid reader of JP's betting blog in that time which has helped me stay focused and appreciate there's big highs and lows in this business and you need to ride them out and focus focus focus on the long term.

Joining the Secret Betting Club and their Portfolio Service also very much helped and has increased my knowledge exponentially in a short period of time. It has also definitely saved me a great deal of cash and made me a lot more money than i would have if i'd just done it myself. A great access for information and a must for anyone wanting to start getting into this business.

I'm going to try and not re-invent the wheel by producing a similar blog to JP's but just give you a view of how I'm feeling things are going and if there's anything much else I've been up to.

We'll see how things develop from here and take each step at a time.