Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Folks

Sorry I've not managed to update the blog recently, work's been crazy, several nights out and the subsequent hangovers have impacted my ability to blog (but not bet!!!!)

After one of the worst periods of betting since I started things seem to slowly turning around again with a good few winners over the last few days.

Equine Investments certainly picking up which is fantastic news and Tipping Legends are back on form - especially finishing off the pre-Christmas betting with a 16/1 winner at 1pt e/w today.

A winner tonight from Football Elite as well so definitely heading in the right direction although I still think December overall will be a losing month once I've totted up all my figures in early January.

So on the assumption there will be little to update until Boxing Day I will sign off here and wish you all a fantastic Christmas!! At least with the weather it feels Christmassy! Hope Santa is good to you!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The respite was brief!

After another bad day on Friday which i reached the point of despair, Saturday was a real tonic with a great day - put on almost £400 so was happy with that. Punter profits especially was pleasing to see get a 12/1 winner after all the doom and gloom.

Over the last couple of days I've managed to give most of it back though with the dismal form of some tipsters continuing. Tipping Legends have performed superbly in the last three months there's no denying that but they've had a bit of dip in December which I'm sure is just a dip but doesn't help when everyone else continues to dip. Three up from SLH today but another 3 points down. Not had a winner from SLH for almost a month but 1 winner from him can turn things back around. Not overly fussed but could do with one before Christmas to pay for the presents!!

Busy week coming up so will keep the blog updated as much as I can!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


...bad again today.

I remember on reviewing Saturdays tips with the view that after slapping on a huge wad of cash that I would expect to get some form of return across the piece. It didn't happen.

Today felt like deja-vu with the same thing happening. A largish number of bets with another big big loss. It's so frustrating to see this happen and so depressing (especially at this time of year).

I read an interesting post on punter profits threads today which flagged that some of the error in the nh tipping could be due to the rapid softening of the ground due to the heavy rain late Oct / early November. Makes sense to me because it does feel with so many of the nh tips going awry across the piece that there is something not quite right. The light at the end of the tunnel is hopefully here as the ground apparently is where it now should be!! Always look on the bright side....

Anyway the bottom line is that its dismal at the moment and i'm in serious danger of reaching a tipping point. Money extracted for good living is going to have to be pumped back in for the first time in 18 months of doing this!!

Anyway today panned out like this for me;

12.40 Ludlow: Genari (PP NH), 3rd LOSS
1.30 Huntingdon: Picaroon (Tipping Legends) 3rd LOSS
2.00 Huntingdon: Tartak (Tipping Legends), 2nd LOSS
2.00 Huntingdon: Albertus Run (4PA), 3rd LOSS
2.00 Huntingdon: Tidal Bay (TL), LOSS
A 6 horse race with 3 win tips and not one of them winning! UNBELIEVABLE.
2.10 Ludlow: Fourty Acres (TL), LOSS

2.30 Huntingdon: Kerada (TL), WIN 5/2
2.40 Ludlow: Classic Chic (PP NH), LOSS
3.00 Huntingdon: Pantalaimon (DTO), 3rd by 1/2 length LOSS
3.40 Ludlow: Ceilidh Royal (PP NH), LOSS BY A MILE (just about)
5.30 Kempton: Viper (TL), LOSS

3 personal bets at kempton

One 2nd, 12/1 beaten by a neck
One 3rd, 25/1 beaten by two lengths
The other is probably still finding its way home but you get the drift.

Here's to a good Friday - the weathers good, its cheltenham....

Wednesday? Losing Day!

Another losing day on Wednesday. Unbelievable.

Thankfully most of the tipsters took the day off yesterday on what was a low key day of racing - probably a good thing as the way things are at the moment I'm not sure they could tip the winner in a one horse race! ;-)

I am joking of course and losing runs are to be expected - just this the longest, deepest I've had since starting this game and I had hoped things would start to turn round!!

Here's to another day!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Personal Profit / Double The Odds

Realised that I forgot to include DTO in my table yesterday. Looks like by the end of the year I will have broken even with them at best (taking into account the annual subscription). They're a very long term service but I'm not sure yet whether I;m going to stick with them. Reason I mention them today is that they managed to find the only winner of the day on the tipster front.

Was a quiet day but Tipping Legends put up 9 points worth of bets which saw a zero return.

I mentioned i was going to review some stats from Punter Profits about December trainers - had a good look last night and managed to sneak a winner out of my analysis today so was quite happy with that. A good starting point at the very least!

Overall ended the day a few quid up thanks to the personal bets there and DTO which compared to recent days is a good place to be - I'd just like to start coining in some cash again - it's really been 2 weeks of awfulness.

Anyone have an idea why?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Musselburgh Magic (Oh and Business As Usual)...

I spent the afternoon at Musselburgh races - first time there and it's a great wee track - perfect day for racing for me - quiet so you could have a nose around and a superb winning day which could have been historic had Portavadie (50/1) and Chester Lad (28/1) both not got pipped at the post in their respective races. Good day out though.

Elsewhere it was quiet but business as usual with Tipping Legends and Punter Profits both finishing the day in negative territory. Been a dismal December - just added up my figs tonight and doesn't make for pretty reading with only Football Elite, 4PA and my personal bets showing a profit - see below;

December to 7/12
SLH -£188
Equine Investments -£98
Equine (Mentions) -£24
Math (acc) -£24
Tipping Legends -£20
Personal Bets £57
Elite Football £24
Punter Profits -£187
SportLife Golf -£111
Paul Burns £37

Total -£534

Things can only get better!! (Remember Tuesdays are usually good days!!)

Got some good December trainer stats from Punter Profits which i'm going to get my teeth into - will let you know how that comes out.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dismal Diversification

Sorry I haven't been on to update recently - it's been a tough couple of weeks with 11 straight losing days in a row making a serious dent in my betting bank.

One thing that I would always say is don't put all your eggs in one basket - I haven't and I now follow 11 different tipsters. Depressingly the majority of them have been performingly poorly over the last two weeks.

I did think by signing up to a number of tipsters that the profits and losses would even themselves out - unfortunately, while losses haven't been as great as they could have by diversifying, it's still tough to see the money flow out day in day out and I had thought there would be some smoothing of the profit flow by this diversification.

I was travelling for the football yesterday so as i lumped on cash through my mobile I was thinking well I've bet the best part of £400 today - surely I can expect something back, surely the luck is going to change!! Well it didn't and I had one of my worst losing days ever.

It's hard to know what to do other than to ride it out - and keep plugging away - things have got to change - who knows when though - and it would be nice that it happened sooner rather than later!! Especially with Christmas coming up!! This is the true test of the long term view and betting banks - lets just hope we make it to the other side!