Sunday, November 22, 2009

Still Treading Water...

Well after a hell of a long week away I'm back!

Things haven't really moved that far on my account with a pretty uninspiring month continuing.

Tuesday was the bumper day, winning the best part of £600 but it was pretty much all down hill from there and that £600 has all been wiped out in the last few days with another dismal weekend of bets over.

The only bright spots being Sporting Life Golf bets finally coming up trumps with a 40/1 winner - they have a great record but this is the first time I've had a win out of them since I joined so very pleasing indeed.

Football Elite continue to perform very well with 3 winners out of 4 this week.

Racing has been poor in terms of tipsters over the last few days with the changeable weather not helping at all.

Must remember to pay my SLH subs tomorrow!!

Hopefully a consistent winning week next week and end the month on a high!! Will be blogging alot more!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Treading Water

Well it looks like the racing gods were shining last night when Wicked Daze won by a nose only to be disqualified (i'm not sure why) and demoted to 2nd BUT the bookies seem to pay out on first past the post. For once the bookies doing something in the punters favour for a change!!

My early post on Saturday was full of doom and gloom and while Wicked Daze didn't turn a losing day into a profit it certainly stemmed the flow.

A good day today with Punter Profits turning a couple of winners finally - a bit of a relief there due to a poor streak for most of the month. Tipping Legends also managed a profitable day despite the 5 pointer strong bet coming a cropper.

4PA had a dismal start to the new regular service with not a single point won over the three days. I'm not fussed about it as there's profit there and it will come but for brand new subscribers it's a bit rubbish to say the least.

Anyway, "Treading Water" refers to the month of November as a whole where after a bumper October I appear to be just about breaking even so far.

Think it's heading in the right directon though and I'm happy with my portfolio.

SLH renewal at the end of the month which I will be signed up to for another year.

It's going to be a difficult week this week as I'm travelling with work again from Tuesday to Friday. A nightmare but as long as i remember my phone and charger should be ok! Might not be any posts though so may be next week before I'm back!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fear and Loathing in Cheltenham, Wetherby, Uttoxeter, Punchestown...

Seems my nervousness of the big meet on Thursday was justified. Two dreadful days that have pretty much drawn a complete blank for every tipster.

Think the volume of bets unnerves me more than anything but in the long term game you have to accept these lows. Just frustrating as these are supposed to be the exciting events but end up being miserable as you watch loser after loser.

Oh well, moan over, at least I've got one more still to run and the darts tonight so hopefully fortunes will change!! And of course tomorrow is another day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spreadsheet Slob!

Still failing miserably to get things sorted on the old spreadsheet front. I am a completely lazy fecker when it comes to this. Working on it though, working on it!!

Losing day today but gearing up to a big few days with Cheltenham, and Grand Slam Darts to look forward to.

I've signed up to the 4 pronged attack brought to us by the gents at Secret Betting Club so looking forward to being part of that.

Big meets can easily be a disaster so I'm nervous.

Here's to a good weekend...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clock Watch

Just noticed the times on my posts are wrong - presume they're showing US time. Any ideas how to change are welcome!

Spreadsheet Slog

One thing that I am hopeless at is keeping my spreadsheets up to date. Working in an office all day the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer at night tapping figures into a spreadsheet. So I leave it for weeks and then it becomes a monumental task and an even bigger pain in the beak!

So here I am working my way through October and reaching a point which it's looking like it could have been my best month ever. Pretty much every service hitting some form of profit. However I've still got a few bets to go through and I might get there sometime this week so I can give you my overall October position.

Been a steady few days and another good winner from SLH yesterday and TL today. Time is pressing against me at the moment and I'm missing prices which is so frustrating.

This was partly due to a busy old weekend where it's difficult to spend time on the mobile while you're spending time with friends without looking like an anti-social idiot. This is mainly of my own doing though as I absolutely steadfastly refuse to tell anyone I'm doing what I'm doing (apart from my wife). A golden rule confirmed when I had a few pints the other night and blurted out to a couple of guys this was the way i was making money and they looked at me like i was mad. Really disappointed with myself for that.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Two days away from home with work are a killer. Just back in having been on the go pretty much since 5am on Monday morning.

Managed to get all my bets on over the two days which is great news as overall in profit. Missed some prices but I have to accept that this is going to happen. Really lucky with the Tipping Legends selections today as my meeting finished early and quickly got the bets on just before the first race. As it happened it was the later race that produced the profit.

All my recent travelling etc made me wonder if I could do this full time. Not sure - think I'd have to run it for a couple of years before making that decision. Would need to build my staking, get a proper portfolio running and be better at money management. Definitely something to consider and work towards.

I've got a trip to foreign-ish shores next week so putting the bets on then will be even more challenging!!

Got the Sporting Life betting zone golf tips to whack on tonight then I'll catch the end of the footie. Not had any real return since I started the golf tips but sod's law the way it works with these is the week i stop is the week there's a bumper pay out. Golf betting is definitely a long haul process!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bumper Times

Been so busy the last few days its been hard to catch up.

Been a great few days on the betting front for sure. SLH delivered a massive profit for me on Friday with the two winners which I also combined into a half point e/w double. You can imagine my delight when they both finished first and especially when Tarvini drifted out to 12/1! Wonderful.

A good weekend on the Football Elite front so far and On the Oche delivered some more profit so all heading in the right direction. Double the Odds continued their sensational run as well.

The latest Secret Betting Club monthly newsletter is out and I'd recommend anyone sign up to this as its a great source of info. Some top quality info this month which has given me some food for thought. Also means I don't have to do my Hugh Taylor analysis as the guys there have done it so saved me a huge amount of spreadsheet work... Happy days.

My TL subscription is up next week and will certainly sign up for another period. Just thinking about that - a lot of subscriptions up soon so a good thing I've made some significant profit over the last few days... Hopefully next couple of months are going to be as good as the same time last year!!

My plan is to post my monthly p&l on the blog to give you an idea of how things are going - need to get my spreadsheets up to date first. October P&L will hopefully come in the next few days but I'm travelling with work so it's going to be a challenge to get bets on never mind do anything else!

Oh one thing I discovered over the weekend (again with help from the SBC boys) is oddschecker mobile website. How happy am I about that!!

Speak later in the week.