Monday, December 12, 2011

Forex, Smashing Prices and Rant Potential

No not Castlemaine XXXX - the piss poor australian lager of my youth - which is apparently still going strong in Oz!

But Forex!

I constantly get bombarded with Forex offers and don't pay much heed to many of them but as the year draws to a close I'm looking to spread my wings a bit and diversify away from betting on football and horse racing.

Sorting the wheat from the chaff looks nigh on impossible in terms of systems / trading techniques etc. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

I know I should really be updating my stats etc but I'm writing this quickly between ordering Christmas presents / preparing for meetings / making eggnog etc.... Full service will be resumed shortly.

Anyway on the betting front - today ended up being a good day with Eastward Ho delivering for Systematic Betting at 6/1 for me (13/2 tipped). I mention the prices as Mark, quite rightly grumped about someone smashing into the price on Betfair and getting 10/3 just after the tip was released - bit daft really when the SP was 5/1, BFSP 6/1. I'm not sure why anyone does that - the price on tips for later races always seems to dip sharply soon after the tip comes out and then bounces back relatively rapidly. Anyway each to their own.

Equine hasn't started the new season very well unfortunately and I was slightly concerned when I heard about a new service offered which is producing a number of winners in a short space of time. Will need to investigate before commenting further... but if that is the case then it really does make me wonder what I'm paying substantial subs for...


elist said...

I am in new service on Equine.First cycle just finish for 1 week.I pay 300 euro and won 1000 euro for only 1 week.Two cycle start with 3 lose tips,but have time for winners.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Equine subscriber and the info about his new service doesn't place him in a good light considering the 'inflated' subscription cost and performance of the main service. At the present time will certainly not re-subscribe.

mrh-beats said...

Elist - thanks for confirming.

Anon - I don't mind the subs so much as long as the delivery is as good as it can be and both the main and turnover accounts are profitable (turnover far more than main it has to be said). BUT i do agree with your point re the new service not placing the overall proposition in a good light - especially as it seems to have performed exceptionally well so far and existing subscribers didn't get priority to join or at least the option. I'm trying not to get worked up about it but its a bit disappointing as I now see it's being promoted by SBC!!

Anonymous said...

I won't be renewing with Equine main service. The new service is making money but the main service has been bleeding money for months now. Ridiculous double standards !

Over and above this, the difficulty in getting prices, and getting money on when you're lucky to get the price, is a major problem. I suspect that they may not be profitable if proofed to SP or BSP.

I'm being restricted at my main BOG bookies thanks to them. I really do not want to lose my BOG privileges.

So, it's goodbye to Equine !