Thursday, July 29, 2010

Holiday update

I'm off on holiday for 10 days so won't be betting. While betting will contribute to spending money for this hol it'd be fair to say my roi across the portfolio has been dismal. The last two days at goodwood have been abysmal. My fear of special festivals is fully justified.

7 months into the year and virtually zero return for a significant effort and outlay isn't good. To be fair alot of it is of my own doing. An imbalanced portfolio and sticking with dead wood for too long is my doing. My two key services are underperforming: equine investments and Slh. I still have faith in them but certainly not helping. Tipping legends have been a disaster and I should've dropped them about three months ago. As the commentor on the last post says Roger green 100pts profit in July and I'm still in the red!!

So, what now? No bets on hol. I need a break and an overhaul on my return. Will post more when I am back.

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