Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back from holiday

Well I've been back from holiday and betting again since Saturday. In that time I've had 5 losing days in a row so things have continued as I left them before my break. Really not helped by the notice that I missed a big winner on the Saturday while I was away which would've netted me about £700!! But "thems the breaks"!!

Good thing is I feel I'm in a more manageable place with things and in control. I'm in damage limitation mode at the moment and I've reduced my stakes to levels that I am more comfortable with. This will not make me money with some of the more expensive services I have signed up to but will (if I actually start winning) help cover my costs which is where I want to be at the moment.

A complete overhaul is required to suit my staking and my lifestyle and an amount of work put in to do that. Watch this space!!


Anonymous said...

hello i am fellow slh private member. I am doing some number crunching on his privae service using
to determine whats odds they traded at in running.
This is with a view to starting a back to lay principle. An inordinare amount of SLH horses trade very low but fail to win; so many near misses. I am trying to find a way to make this pay
for example in August alone around 15 bets ...12 traded at less than half there original back odds. and 5 traded at below @2.00 and still lost @1.10; @1.13; @1.61' @1.53; @1.52

Do you have data aleady compiled on this?? for the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

At first glance it looks a way to stop long series of losers, getting reular profits in

Anonymous said...

i am also looking at joining football trading services. appear to bring much more consistent weekly/montly returns

mrh-beats said...

thanks for your comments. Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. Interesting reading. I haven't any stats on in running but in my mind if you can at least lay your stake in running like u say it would be worth iat the prices you mention. Especially at current time when we've had a long losing run on the service. Certainly would balance the books better if it's happening the way u say.

Unfortunately I can't analyse future racing as I work full time so in running is out for me.

Really it would be much better for steve to get back to winning ways! With the start of the nh season coming then it's crunch time for the service.

Will have a look at the other sites you mention!


Anonymous said...

hello again
ive managed back test SLH private service from 1st April to present date 3rd Oct 2010.
200gbp at orignal advsied back odds and then laying 400gbp at half the odds to be matched in running has returned a profit of 5550 GBP.
I went live with the system on 1st Sep and already had 7 winners and 2 losers.. just today we see a @1.11 loser in Sagredo In this time SLH betting normally has lost not had a winner despite so many trading low odds

.I place the lay bet after ive done the back bet and just select keep in running...that way i dont need to be around and doesnt impact on work comittments.Any non runners and befair reduce odds appropriately

I have partly finished spreadsheet of results if you give me an email address to send to.

Anonymous said...

i will also consider a pure trading system on slh prviate
i.e if slection is 3/1 (@4.0)
intial back could be 100gbp
set stop loss lay @8.00

so only lose 50gbp of stake

and keep with the half the odds lay bet for the profit @2.00
in the example above

can pre set trading software EVO evbolution betangle to do all that for you automatically. no need to be on hand

mrh-beats said...

Impressive returns considering performance of Slh recently. Is your method still working?