Monday, March 26, 2012

Back to Basics

Many thanks for all the comments on the last post - much appreciated and interesting to hear some others in the same boat. I will reply to the comments in a separate post later.

So a few more days gone by and certainly still feel I've made the right decision. I've more time on my hands and am certainly a bit more relaxed in life and focused on what is important to me. Amazingly I am sleeping better so maybe it was all troubling me more than I thought.

Anyway I don't want to bore you anymore with that sort of nonsense.

So what am I doing now - well as I mentioned in the finishing post I am continuing to follow 4PA and will play the occasional personal bet through analysis / stats etc.

So 4PA were back in action at the weekend with 3 tips. Wasn't a good start to my new regime with 2 losers and 1 non runner. 3 points lost. Big drop on odds on Josh's Dreamway - by the time I managed to get out of bed (8.30) the price had already dropped from quoted 22/1 to 11/1 on most bookie sites. It's always been a problem getting bets on at the prices advised - not impossible though (well that was until my William Hill account was restricted). Will try to get a bit sharper though - with less to worry about this should be easier.

Had a small side bet on Sooraah in the 3.25 in Lingfield as well but came 5th.

So 3 bets, 3 losses but no massive damage done! Positive thinking eh!

Back soon!

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