Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekly Review

Bit of a nothing week really with 2 steps forward, 3 steps back and over £100 down on the week. Since the month moved to March though things have picked up.

Profit so far this month has come from Piecost - with a stunning few days adding 18 points to the account, Equine Main with 1 winner out of 1 returning decent money and special mention to Formlab Game Notes who had a very good weekend this weekend. Indeed without Formlab balancing out horse racing losses it would've been a poor weekend.

Feels like a superb service - with excellent info and customer service - I sat in on a webinar earlier this week to learn a few things on how to use the functionality.

Disappointing again from Steve Lewis Hamilton who have managed a depressing 17 losing bets in a row. Something I've come nowhere near with the service since I joined all those years ago. Sad to see.

Beginning to draw some conclusions as to which services I'll be picking post this period of review and it looks like I'll end up with 7 services maximum. Equine are finishing up on the 17th March so as I've mentioned before I won't renew - based on cost - rather than performance - and that's the 13 services down to 11. So we're getting there!

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