Monday, January 25, 2010

One Step Forward, One and Half Steps Back!

Slow day today with another win from Equine Investments - Marosh 6/5 in the 1.45 at Wolverhampton. Best price available was the recommended 5/4 but not with any of the bookies I currently have cash with!! Need to shuffle the money about and get that back in order.

3 losing bets from Tipping Legends turned into a losing day overall with 7 points lost. Didn't get on at any of the recommended prices on their bets - this was more because i was slow on getting the bets on and because bookies appear to be shifting Tipping Legends prices quicker. Jeremiah has done well to address this though usually with a short note each morning giving the approximate time of delivery of message. Good move there but not good for me when i'm stuck in a meeting at the time the bet comes through.

This is the reality of trying to successfully bet when working full time unfortunately and once again I'm on the road again for the remainder of the week and staying with friends over the weekend so gonna be a tough week overall on the betting front.

Interesting stats from Football Elite today about price movements on their bets so think I'll try to change my strategy in terms of timing of bets - at the moment it looks like I'm betting at the lowest point and it'll be easy to increase ROI by following the advice. Great service Football Elite - faultless this season i'd say.

Will update as much as I can while I'm away.

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