Sunday, January 24, 2010

Topsy Turvy & Iphone pain

After posting a great week on Thursday night, the weekend hasn't been so good with not a winner to sniff at on the horses. I'm finding it a struggle to get prices on at the moment and am missing the best. Betting at the moment overall is a struggle. I would say that 95% of all my bets are placed on the move and while my iphone is a great tool it's not delivering completely on the betting front - a few reasons;

1) The betfair app for the iphone is a poor man version of their standard mobile app which is really disappointing - you can't see market depth or place a bet at SP which you can on the general mobile app.

2) Picking up reception is no better than my old handset which i was disappointed with. Think that is more to do with Orange network not being the greatest where I live but it's frustrating as I though the Iphone would be better with weaker signals. More fool me!

3) Everytime I have to flick out the Ladbrokes application I need to login again and start from the front page! Frustrating! Not sure of a way round this!

4) Bet2Go isn't working properly and I have the same probs as the Ladbrokes app!

So all in all frustrating when you need to move quickly and get bets on. Suppose I'll get used to it but it's taking time!

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