Sunday, April 11, 2010

Steve Lewis Hamilton (SLH) Analysis - Pt 2

I've managed to complete some further analysis on SLH bets and it makes for some interesting reading. I've brought the stats right up to date so includes the two account bets yesterday.

The total table is below split by points.

I've covered the period from 08 October 2008 which is when I know my record keeping is relatively robust - this is a few months after i started with SLH as you'll know from previous posts.

The table assumes £35 per point. Over the period I've been with SLH I've increased my points stake from £25 per point to £35 per point so i had to go back and alter stakes and profits to bring it all in line to my current stake level. Took some time I tell you!!

What it does show clearly that the service over the period i have been with it is hugely profitable - a whopping 52.69% ROI. Interestingly the 3 point bets have been the least successful and if I'd ignore all bets apart from the 2 pointers I would have had a return of 104.16% over the period.

The next three tables split the years down;




Certainly shows that there's been a drop off in profit in 2010 with ROI this year currently sitting at 2.55% which isn't great, nor is it comparable with the same period of 2008 and 2009 BUT still the 2 point bets are producing a very very healthy profit. It's everything else that isn't great this year and dragging ROI down.

I think i need to make a decision on how to play SLH going forward;

1) Do I continue as is, accepting suggested staking plan; or
2) Do I drop the 1 and 3 point bets which don't show a profit over the 18 months i've covered; or
3) Do I go to level stakes.

I've almost completed some level stake analysis which makes interesting reading and probably confuses my simple brain further. Will finish that off tomorrow.

All comments welcome.

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