Monday, April 12, 2010

Steve Lewis Hamilton (SLH) Analysis - Pt 3

I've completed some additional analysis and having had 24 hours to mull over what i found out yesterday I've made a decision on my staking plan for SLH.

I replayed the results over the same period as yesterdays analysis with level staking of £70 win or £35 e/w for each bet and the results are quite interesting. See table below;

Overall profit has gone up by £749 an it's taken £1,208 less in stakes to get there which bumps my overall ROI up to spectacular 61.33% from a not to be sniffed at 52.69%.

For me it's a no brainer - I'm moving to level stakes for SLH bets.

I think I'd feel more comfortable staking that way as it will certainly smooth out returns as well.

I terms of total stake over the period I was comfortable with the amount staked so I am moving my staking upwards to mean that I bet roughly the same amount overall. This will take me to £75 win and £37.50 each way.

I'm quite happy with this and I think the analysis has reassured me that I'm making the right decision - certainly never wanted to be lumping £105 or £140 on 4 point bets for a couple of reasons;

(1) I've not been doing this for long enough to feel comfortable with such large stakes and
(2) It's drawn the attention of too many bookmakers and my bets are being restricted more and more.

I'll say my only caveat to this is for e/w doubles that are more than 1pt e/w then I will follow the staking plan - the reward is worth the risk for these.

I'm going to do the same analysis with equine investments to see if i can realistically move from points based to level. Also need to update my March results to give you the final position (it wasn't pretty despite Berties Dream winning at 50/1!)

Hopefully you find this useful for your own betting strategies as well.

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