Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A couple of changes...

Thought I'd just post a note to say I've made a couple of changes to my portfolio;

1) I've stopped subscribing to the Mathematician. Not too difficult a decision from a financial perspective in the end as without going into the nitty gritty of the emails it's unlikely i'm going to make a profit with the service going forward. Even with account bets its difficult to see a profit despite some near misses recently and i haven't really made a profit on this service for well over a year. From an emotional point of view its a big step change as the Mathematician was the first tipster I signed up to about 4 years ago following the review from Progambler and it was Mathematician that got me started on this game. I think it marks a step change in my approach - this is a business and i need to make a profit. Probably sounds daft to seasoned hard headed punters but for me its a big change. One in the right direction as well. Thanks to Guy for all the good times!!

2) Signed up to Roger Greens Royal Ascot special so looking forward to that. Roger is the old other half of Tipping Legends for those who don't know. Back into the horse tipping business on his own. more to follow on this!

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