Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Changes

Just thought I'd drop a quick post to say I've made a couple more changes to my portfolio over the last couple of days;

1) I've signed up to The Daily Bargain from CD-Systems (Steve Jones) so looking forward to this - certainly looks profitable and not very time intensive.

2) Decided to stop on Double The Odds - was going to wait and see how things progressed to end of July (although i'm subscribed to the end of the year) but think it's time for me to throw in the towel. No profit last year and not heading in the right direction this year despite Berties Dream coming in at 50/1 earlier in the year!! Spent £800 over the 2 years in subs and time to bite the bullet and stop and focus my bets and time on better turnover services. Suspect that a couple of big winners could come out and turn things round quickly but the problem is that i'm not wanting to wait and I think 15 months is a long enough time.

More changes to come for sure.

Good day at Ascot today with 3 winners and a couple of places. Onwards and upwards!!

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