Saturday, June 12, 2010

May Update

Here's stats for May - best month of the year so far thanks mainly to Steve Lewis Hamilton but wasn't as good as I'd hoped with a poor show from Equine Investments and another dreadful month from Double The Odds.

Pleased with the start from The Nagman - and I missed one winner with them so could've been better. 4PA back in form.

Short run attempt from me to make Packed Pockets pay but I gave up pretty quickly as the odds were cut so quickly it was virtually impossible for me to get on at recommended prices.

Remember points profits are what I've achieved and may differ from official stats from the tipsters + my spreadsheet isn't perfect so could be a few other anomolies in the figures.

Taking subs into account thats a decent month in terms of profit - in the region of £700 which would be a decent supplemental monthly income for someone like me who also works full time! Reality is I'm still down on the year by over £300 and really shouldn't be expecting to wait until almost the half year to make a profit.

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