Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's been a while...

At the beginning of May i was quite downhearted about this whole business. Things hadn't been going well and i was seriously questioning my strategy.

I'd started reviewing my tipsters and deciding which to go forward with. Unfortunately work commitments have got in the way and I've not had a chance to do anything more with it other than keep putting the bets on and catching up with my recording of all the bets

Which has been a good thing as May was really a good month. SLH back on form big time and I felt even more comfortable with my exposure to SLH by capping at 2pt bets. This reduced my profit for the service in May but certainly reduced my risk so happy with that. Also worth mentioning Tipping Legends who've had a 2nd good month in a row. I was ready to throw in the towel with TL at the beginning of the month but the following paragraph in an email from JC helped me keep the faith for longer - the stats from some back testing of what JC is good at... am hoping that keeping the faith is the right decision to make...

Adding the very simple & logical filter...
435 bets, 27.8% were profitable, profit of 439 pts & a ROI of 75.6%!!! ( The ROI at SP was 40%!) Even Saturdays produced an ROI of 28.9%

Will provide a lot more detail over the coming few days to keep you updated with whats going on.


Andy said...


I'd like to invite you and your readers to look at my horse race betting system that I started running recently. It differs from some system in that it makes the selections based on price. The selections are posted live to my website and I report the results and progress on my blog

I have put up links to your website on both of my sites. Would you mind putting up links to my sites on your blog?

Any comments or suggestions would be welcome. I started the system at the start of the year and so far it has produced consistent profits of 10%.


mrh-beats said...

Hi Andy
I've added you as a link - thank you for doing the same. I will have a look at your blog and let you know if I have any thoughts.