Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Update

Well the month finally comes to a close with two winning days but nowhere near enough to push me back into positive territory.

I'll give you a full update in the next few days but a short summary below;

Good month for;

* Steve Lewis Hamilton - looks like +24points on the month
* Equine mentions/turnover - haven't got used to the new staking yet but good profit.
* Northern Monkey - I'm on trial stakes with this service but another profitable month.

Bad month for;

* Systematic Betting - 34 points down - worst month since I joined. Good day today though, nowhere near enough.
* The Nagman - Another "treading water" month that was going well and fell away.

Awful month for;

* Roger Green Racing - 3 wins out of 52 bets, 60 points down. Need I say more?
* Mr Gekko - maybe should've pulled up the drawbridge at the end of March - hemorrhaged cash this month. Very disappointing


- Football Elite / 4PA just treaded water in April - nothing to write home about which is disappointing.
- Personal bets - did well this month - had 2nd and 3rd in the 2000 guineas today - wish I'd popped them in a tricast with Frankel....

Think it's time to say goodbye to The Nagman and Roger Green Racing. Will mull things over over the next day or so but Roger Green is losing me serious cash even at minimum stakes, and my Nagman subs are up I'm sure so I'm not paying the cash to renew.

I plan to do an analysis of both services before I make a decision and I'll post my findings on here.

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