Thursday, May 26, 2011

Staking & Training

A commenter had asked me to post my staking for each of the services so here it is;

Steve Lewis Hamilton - £25 a point. Will bet to maximum of 2 points so max bet of £50 on any tips as my stats still show that following his points doesn't generate additional profit. Only exception would be for e/w doubles.

Equine / Equine Turnover - they now stake to £'s and I currently play 20% of their recommended stake - so a £200 bet is only £40 for me. Lowers the potential for this service but it's what i'm comfortable with and I can't see any bookie accepting £200 bets for long before restricting your account - not sure how anyone manages it.

Northern Monkey - £10 per point - currently on trial stakes but service is going well.

Football Elite - £25 per point.

4PA - £20 per point (and I throw on a few quid on the basic system bets that aren't acct bets)

Systematic - £15 per point

Mr Gekko - £35 per point.

Hope that helps....

My two week training is nearly over so should get my betting back to normal soon - I've missed a few bets and a few winners but not been as bad as I feared and still profit seems to be ticking over nicely.

I'm catching up with my log so will be back up to speed for end of May review.


Anonymous said...

systematic £15 a pt? must be your best service! surly you need to raise this?

Anonymous said...

How many points profit has SLH made since 1st January 2011? I am considering subscribing to the Private Service but am put off by the annual subscription fees and the fact that you still have to pay for the daily telephone calls to access the bets. £25 per point seems too little to be worth it after taking into account the subscription fees but maybe you have made a good net profit this year anyway?

mrh-beats said...

Hi - systematic is probably up there with Steve Lewis Hamilton and Equine but for me £15 a pt is reasonable considering that there can be 20+ bets in one day. Am monitoring it and will look to slowly increase but comfortable with that for now.

Will tot up the SLH figures for 2011 and provide a detailed summary as soon as I can - a quick look suggests just over 30 points profit for the year to date. The calls are a hassle for sure but it just becomes part of my daily routine Subs are on the high side and £25 is probably too low but can still be profitable and I'm ok to stick with just now.

wannabe pro said...

could you plese tell me how long you have bin systematic? and your total pts to date with this service?

mrh-beats said...

Hi wannabe pro -

I've been a member of systematic since June last year - so just about a year in total.

I've varied my staking over that period and I missed five weeks of betting due to a variety of issues so difficult to give a points total for the period - but will work it out and let you know.

The official return in that period was a mighty 316 points (June 10 - April 11). I think a return of about 70-80% of that is realistic depending on how quickly you bet and which bookies accounts you have - even with that reduction still worthwhile at low staking.

It's a full on service but worth the time and effort.

Hope that helps