Monday, May 16, 2011

Back in Business

Things will never be the same again... and while I'm getting far less sleep, I have far less time!!

I have managed to keep betting over the last 10 days - the beauty of mobile betting, despite my 3G reception continuing to play up on Orange. I haven't however been able to update my stats although it does feel that the last few weeks have been good on the betting front.

Changes at home have been complemented with changes at work and I started a new job today - it will mean for the next couple of weeks I'm going to have to accept that I will miss some bets as it will be impossible for me to place some in time - this is the reality of maintaining a full time job while trying to earn an additional income. From the beginning of June I'll be working from home so things will settle down again.

Couple of changes to my portfolio which I'd hinted at in my last posts -

* I've not renewed my TheNagman subscription. Decided that it's not a service for me - despite headline figures showing substantial profit and I've been able to achieve prices of 91% of tipped I feel like I'm just constantly treading water and I wasn't able to make this service work. Subs of £849 for the year are too much for me to continue for another year. Want to do a review of the service and see where things went wrong and will get to this as soon as i can.

* I've stopped betting on Roger Green Racing. I'd carefully considered this as my subs are up in August 2011 but after the poor run up to me stopping made me decide enough was enough. Briefly looking at the results since I stopped betting suggests the rot has continued and despite a couple of winners I reckon the service is down considerably in May as well - I will update my review of the service as soon as I can.

Feel much better with my streamlined portfolio - I'm not looking to subscribe to anyone new at the moment either.


Anonymous said...

Hi, can you update us regarding your current stakes on the services you follow? Are you following SLH with level stakes or using his points system?

P.S. Any news from JP?

mrh-beats said...

Hi - I will add a quick post just now to confirm staking.

JP posted on the Secret Betting Club forum a few weeks ago. Are you a member - I can post you the link.

If not I'll have a look at the post and let you know how's getting on - don't think he's betting any more.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of the Secret Betting Club but could not find JP's post. Please provide a link if possible or tell me the name of the topic under which he posted.

mrh-beats said...

Will hunt it out for you and post it on here.

Can't find it at the moment so will come back to you.