Monday, May 2, 2011

A great day... by chance

What would've been a good day turned into a great day by chance. I was out and about for most of the day which means I was relying on my mobile to place most of my bets - it's tough at the best of times but when you're with people it's difficult to get the bets on by being distracted by the phone.

I knew I was going to be late in placing some of the bets so I got what I could on and left the rest until about 2pm when I headed home. Unfortunately I was delayed so had to stay on the mobile and the Orange data network wasn't playing ball at all so after half an hour of frustration had to give up getting on for about half my bets... usually this means they all romp home... but today was a different story and every bet I missed lost so I saved myself over £100!!

So finally a bit of luck! Isn't it terrible that we rely on that to help make us profit - but you need breaks sometimes and I got one today!

Systematic Betting and Equine Investments both had good days today, with or without missing bets, so a healthy profit on the day.

Haven't sorted my Equine staking yet as they've moved to £staking rather than point staking and I don't bet the same amount as they recommend as I can't afford to and I know my accounts would get restricted very quickly - case and point being Stan James today who seemed to have got wise to me after having an account for only a month and restricted a 10/1 shot from Systematic to only £10.50!! It went on to win of course... so I will see if they restrict me more tomorrow. I've withdrawn nothing from that account either and have £200 sitting in it and they still restrict!! Unbelievable...

Back to work tomorrow unfortunately...

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