Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nothing nowhere

I read in a magazine yesterday that orange's new 4g service will be called everything everywhere or something similarly awful. Well their sometime shocking data coverage cost me the best part of 350 quid today. I was on a training course and had time to cover all early bets during lunch. No such luck as down goes data and I missed 5 bets and all 5 were winning bets. When does that happen? One of those from Steve Lewis Hamilton! 19 losers in a row and the one day he picks a winner I miss it through no fault of my own. I think the modern thing to say is FFS! The other winners were from Equine and Systematic.

Of the 14 bets I have managed to get on today only 1 has won.... There are a couple still to run but instead of being 200 quid up on the day I'm £130 down. I've not had a 200 quid winning day since January.

It would be nice to get a break maybe once!


Anonymous said...

Keep chin up mate!
A know how you feel had a large bet yday on beggars belief match bet(ironically named only to be disqualified for weighing in light) as u say ffs

Anonymous said...

Normal service resumed from SLH today. You must feel absolutely gutted that you missed yesterday's one-off winner! Let's hope Cheltenham is a success to compensate for the last few months!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Henry Rix? I think he is the best horse racing tipster in Britain. His record speaks for itself.

mrh-beats said...

Thanks Baz - it does beggar belief!!

Anon - yes gutted gutted gutted!

Anon - no I haven't will have a look.