Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly Review

Well there's no doubt it's been a God awful week this week and not really what I needed or wanted the week before Cheltenham. Today capped it all off with a complete whitewash on the horse racing bets with 0/11 across the tipsters putting bets up. Woeful.

Anyway so what did the stats look like - overall down £542 on the week which puts March in a heavy negative position of £505. Not surprising 5 losing days out of 7 with only Monday and Tuesday posting profits (and small ones at that).

Good week for.... Hudson Horses with a cracking winner yesterday which I managed to get at 38's on betfair when it was tipped up at 20's.

Bad week for... Systematic Betting unfortunately having a tough time of it - dropping 15 points.

Not a lot more to say.

Here's to next week - good luck to all at Cheltenham!


Anonymous said...

I must admit trying times to say the least,systematic is have at best a nightmare at moment,slh less said the better,n monkey since xmas eve has forgot tipping means selecting winners&football analasyst ain't going to pull you out a hole!so for all they fees the q&a is,is it all worth it.?

Anonymous said...

This week is going to make-or-break my betting portfolio. Like you I follow a number of tipsters and like you I am worried that they are going to all tip different horses in the same race so even if one selection wins the other losing bets will cancel out any profit. I find it very frustrating. I am going to downsize my portfolio this week as it is getting out of hand. Definitely getting rid of Equine and Northern Monkey. SLH has talked about having everything in place for the week ahead and having a good angle into the races. Let's hope some of his positive rhetoric actually produces some winning bets. I'll believe it when I see it! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

being in the red despite backing a winner at 38 suggests something wrong with your approach/staking.

Anonymous said...

How did your Cheltenham Festival go... Mine was pretty awful!

Anonymous said...

How was your Cheltenham Festival?


Hope we have not lost you forever always an entertaining read, we need you.

Anonymous said...

Have you decided who to ditch from your portfolio? Did you get the email from Equine about the new service. £1,000 to join and you don't pay anything more until £4,000 profit reached to advised stakes.

Anonymous said...

Come out from under that horse blanket!
You've missed slh having a 100 pt winning spree/systematic has added 80 PT to account and northern monkey rode and tipped 50/1 winner of gold cup!
Only kidding
But there's always tomorrow !!!!!