Saturday, October 24, 2009

A good good day

Well after all my moaning on Thursday, the last couple of days have been really good days. Tipping Legends delivering the goods once again and Double The Odds adding to the fantastic winner last Saturday with another excellent long-odds winner. Swept up some of the early price which made it feel even better - think I doubled my winnings by doing that which is always great. The day ended with a good winner from a personal bet at Kempton.

Some Saturdays I spend quite a bit of time getting the bets on and seeing if there is anything I can add with personal bets but today was a kind of up and out day where i was on the go from start to finish and trying to get the bets placed with my mobile phone - something thats not always easy to do with variable reception from the mighty Orange and the tedious slowness sometimes of the bet2go software.

Don't get me wrong bet2go is a godsend for me as it lays out the prices for a number of bookies and is easy to bet through but its pretty slow sometimes and the odds aren't always completely up to date. Often I have to settle for a price a couple of pips off the best price on offer. Be good if more bookies joined the frame on there as I'm slowly get pushed out by all of them signed up to the software as I use them the most and two of them on there are hopeless - mainly sportingbet and skybet - two of the worst bookies out there in terms of restrictions and odds slashing. More on that sometime in the future.

Anyway my original point being is that betting on the go means that I have to accept that best prices aren't always available to me. Not ideal but its a trade off I'm happy to make as it means that I can have a life as well as getting the bets on and winning some cash.

Got some NH Punter Profits stats that the guys there have pointed us to to mull over if I get time tomorrow to see if it can help me with my personal bets, but again it's another busy day out and about and may have to leave that for another day.

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