Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Monday...

Not because of the betting of course but more like a dreadful day at work all in all... Monday's are never good.

A small profit on the day with prosystem coming up with a 1st (which I bet at under 11/1 recommendation at 10/1) and a 14/1 2nd in the same race (5.10pm at Kempton). I say a small profit as I've got tiny stakes on the prosystem stuff at the moment as I got my fingers a bit burnt earlier in the year by wading in just as they hit a horrible losing streak. To be fair to the guys there they were totally up front and honest about it all and offered refunds.

I decided to stick it out and paper traded for a wee bit before dipping my toe in the water again in July. Think I will be back in profit eventually but just slightly nervous before I up my stakes again.

Nothing much else happening today although close to being a great day as I had a cheeky bet on the 4.40 at Kempton based on the draw bias and nearly got myself a 37/1 winner from the top draw - Absa Lutte won again (after delivering for me over the weekend). Close but no cigar although looking at the race review I believe it didn't have a chance of winning in the end but a worthy second!

Just had another nose at the ATR website and looks like Hugh Taylor isn't in the Bermuda Triangle but actually just off on hols. Made me chuckle when I saw a note from the Editor confirming he was ok as so many punters had emailed to see where he was!! Great stuff.

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