Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frustrating Times

Even more frustrating times when i type up a post and it doesn't save as my wireless connection fails!!

One thing I still haven't got used to in this tipster business is the highs and lows and the inevitable losing streaks that happen. I was on a role over the weekend, all tipsters performing well and by having a portfolio it didn't matter if a couple didn't deliver - I managed to add about £1800 to my account so very happy with all that. Since then i've managed to lose about £700 of that through a nasty losing streak where every tipster has failed to deliver.

Now it's not bad being £1100 up in 7 days and i shouldn't really complain and I'm just really sounding off. Think I'm more frustrated that I always hoped by spreading risk and having a number of tipsters then if one was having an off period then the others would pick up the slack. However it doesn't appear to always work like that. Understanding things more now then it makes sense that that is the case. A really good article in the SBC Betting Portfolio explains it in terms of time of year its clear when horse racing is going to more risky. Worth a read if you subscribe.

Think spreading across sports is the way forward and I'm now covered with Football and Darts too. Enjoying the analysis that these guys are providing too.

I'm not having a go at the tipsters at all as they've all made (just about) a good profit for me since i started up it's just soul destroying seeing the money going back out to the bookies!! I did hope a couple of cheeky wee winners in the first few 5 furlong races at Kempton would deliver but absolutely no success so a pretty much whitewash today except for a small winner on leamington lad and another small e/w punt on Whisky Magic!! Down about £200 today though!!

We live to fight another day...

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