Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quiet Day

Pretty quiet today with only a few bets coming through. Both Tipping Legends and SLH tipping horses in the 3.20 at Aintree. I added a reverse forecast and came away with nowt.

Not the best week for SLH but I've reviewed my stats from last year and the next few months should hopefully hot up. SLH is a NH specialist and the NH season is kicking off now and form will become apparent as the days go by. Listened to his review message tonight and as he quite rightly says one winner can turn things round despite the 10 point knock on the week. I'm not worried.

Hoping some delivery on the golf later on but Ryan Moore hasn't started off too well. Football Elite delivered another couple of winners today so far with one more to go - stunning performance for this season so far and a great anaylsis going with each bet.

Had planned to do some analysis today in terms of where i'm at, the punter profit nh stats and look at some of Hugh Taylor at ATR results to see if there is any value going in at SP. The price for his tips always falls quickly so with me working full time its impossible to get on at prices suggested. Not had a chance to finish any of this and Hugh Taylor seems to have disappeared off the face of ATR when I looked about 10 mins ago...

I need to get better at updating my spreadsheets as it takes forever when I leave it for three weeks as I have but so far in good territory for October - thanks mainly to Tipping Legends from what I can see. Want to get bang up to date and we can see where we are for October.

Another thing for the to do list is to work out if my portfolio is skewed right and I've got the balance ok in terms of £ per point for each service.

Time is always against me though...

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