Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bumper Times

Been so busy the last few days its been hard to catch up.

Been a great few days on the betting front for sure. SLH delivered a massive profit for me on Friday with the two winners which I also combined into a half point e/w double. You can imagine my delight when they both finished first and especially when Tarvini drifted out to 12/1! Wonderful.

A good weekend on the Football Elite front so far and On the Oche delivered some more profit so all heading in the right direction. Double the Odds continued their sensational run as well.

The latest Secret Betting Club monthly newsletter is out and I'd recommend anyone sign up to this as its a great source of info. Some top quality info this month which has given me some food for thought. Also means I don't have to do my Hugh Taylor analysis as the guys there have done it so saved me a huge amount of spreadsheet work... Happy days.

My TL subscription is up next week and will certainly sign up for another period. Just thinking about that - a lot of subscriptions up soon so a good thing I've made some significant profit over the last few days... Hopefully next couple of months are going to be as good as the same time last year!!

My plan is to post my monthly p&l on the blog to give you an idea of how things are going - need to get my spreadsheets up to date first. October P&L will hopefully come in the next few days but I'm travelling with work so it's going to be a challenge to get bets on never mind do anything else!

Oh one thing I discovered over the weekend (again with help from the SBC boys) is oddschecker mobile website. How happy am I about that!!

Speak later in the week.

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