Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spreadsheet Slog

One thing that I am hopeless at is keeping my spreadsheets up to date. Working in an office all day the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer at night tapping figures into a spreadsheet. So I leave it for weeks and then it becomes a monumental task and an even bigger pain in the beak!

So here I am working my way through October and reaching a point which it's looking like it could have been my best month ever. Pretty much every service hitting some form of profit. However I've still got a few bets to go through and I might get there sometime this week so I can give you my overall October position.

Been a steady few days and another good winner from SLH yesterday and TL today. Time is pressing against me at the moment and I'm missing prices which is so frustrating.

This was partly due to a busy old weekend where it's difficult to spend time on the mobile while you're spending time with friends without looking like an anti-social idiot. This is mainly of my own doing though as I absolutely steadfastly refuse to tell anyone I'm doing what I'm doing (apart from my wife). A golden rule confirmed when I had a few pints the other night and blurted out to a couple of guys this was the way i was making money and they looked at me like i was mad. Really disappointed with myself for that.

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