Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Two days away from home with work are a killer. Just back in having been on the go pretty much since 5am on Monday morning.

Managed to get all my bets on over the two days which is great news as overall in profit. Missed some prices but I have to accept that this is going to happen. Really lucky with the Tipping Legends selections today as my meeting finished early and quickly got the bets on just before the first race. As it happened it was the later race that produced the profit.

All my recent travelling etc made me wonder if I could do this full time. Not sure - think I'd have to run it for a couple of years before making that decision. Would need to build my staking, get a proper portfolio running and be better at money management. Definitely something to consider and work towards.

I've got a trip to foreign-ish shores next week so putting the bets on then will be even more challenging!!

Got the Sporting Life betting zone golf tips to whack on tonight then I'll catch the end of the footie. Not had any real return since I started the golf tips but sod's law the way it works with these is the week i stop is the week there's a bumper pay out. Golf betting is definitely a long haul process!!

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