Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Folks

Sorry I've not managed to update the blog recently, work's been crazy, several nights out and the subsequent hangovers have impacted my ability to blog (but not bet!!!!)

After one of the worst periods of betting since I started things seem to slowly turning around again with a good few winners over the last few days.

Equine Investments certainly picking up which is fantastic news and Tipping Legends are back on form - especially finishing off the pre-Christmas betting with a 16/1 winner at 1pt e/w today.

A winner tonight from Football Elite as well so definitely heading in the right direction although I still think December overall will be a losing month once I've totted up all my figures in early January.

So on the assumption there will be little to update until Boxing Day I will sign off here and wish you all a fantastic Christmas!! At least with the weather it feels Christmassy! Hope Santa is good to you!

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