Monday, December 14, 2009

The respite was brief!

After another bad day on Friday which i reached the point of despair, Saturday was a real tonic with a great day - put on almost £400 so was happy with that. Punter profits especially was pleasing to see get a 12/1 winner after all the doom and gloom.

Over the last couple of days I've managed to give most of it back though with the dismal form of some tipsters continuing. Tipping Legends have performed superbly in the last three months there's no denying that but they've had a bit of dip in December which I'm sure is just a dip but doesn't help when everyone else continues to dip. Three up from SLH today but another 3 points down. Not had a winner from SLH for almost a month but 1 winner from him can turn things back around. Not overly fussed but could do with one before Christmas to pay for the presents!!

Busy week coming up so will keep the blog updated as much as I can!

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