Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Personal Profit / Double The Odds

Realised that I forgot to include DTO in my table yesterday. Looks like by the end of the year I will have broken even with them at best (taking into account the annual subscription). They're a very long term service but I'm not sure yet whether I;m going to stick with them. Reason I mention them today is that they managed to find the only winner of the day on the tipster front.

Was a quiet day but Tipping Legends put up 9 points worth of bets which saw a zero return.

I mentioned i was going to review some stats from Punter Profits about December trainers - had a good look last night and managed to sneak a winner out of my analysis today so was quite happy with that. A good starting point at the very least!

Overall ended the day a few quid up thanks to the personal bets there and DTO which compared to recent days is a good place to be - I'd just like to start coining in some cash again - it's really been 2 weeks of awfulness.

Anyone have an idea why?

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