Thursday, December 10, 2009


...bad again today.

I remember on reviewing Saturdays tips with the view that after slapping on a huge wad of cash that I would expect to get some form of return across the piece. It didn't happen.

Today felt like deja-vu with the same thing happening. A largish number of bets with another big big loss. It's so frustrating to see this happen and so depressing (especially at this time of year).

I read an interesting post on punter profits threads today which flagged that some of the error in the nh tipping could be due to the rapid softening of the ground due to the heavy rain late Oct / early November. Makes sense to me because it does feel with so many of the nh tips going awry across the piece that there is something not quite right. The light at the end of the tunnel is hopefully here as the ground apparently is where it now should be!! Always look on the bright side....

Anyway the bottom line is that its dismal at the moment and i'm in serious danger of reaching a tipping point. Money extracted for good living is going to have to be pumped back in for the first time in 18 months of doing this!!

Anyway today panned out like this for me;

12.40 Ludlow: Genari (PP NH), 3rd LOSS
1.30 Huntingdon: Picaroon (Tipping Legends) 3rd LOSS
2.00 Huntingdon: Tartak (Tipping Legends), 2nd LOSS
2.00 Huntingdon: Albertus Run (4PA), 3rd LOSS
2.00 Huntingdon: Tidal Bay (TL), LOSS
A 6 horse race with 3 win tips and not one of them winning! UNBELIEVABLE.
2.10 Ludlow: Fourty Acres (TL), LOSS

2.30 Huntingdon: Kerada (TL), WIN 5/2
2.40 Ludlow: Classic Chic (PP NH), LOSS
3.00 Huntingdon: Pantalaimon (DTO), 3rd by 1/2 length LOSS
3.40 Ludlow: Ceilidh Royal (PP NH), LOSS BY A MILE (just about)
5.30 Kempton: Viper (TL), LOSS

3 personal bets at kempton

One 2nd, 12/1 beaten by a neck
One 3rd, 25/1 beaten by two lengths
The other is probably still finding its way home but you get the drift.

Here's to a good Friday - the weathers good, its cheltenham....

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