Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back to Singing the Blues

Well after yesterday with a 12.75pt profit made on SLH double thinking my luck had turned back to another dismal day today.

SLH has upped the number of bets recently which is great but another 3pointer failed to deliver today. That's big bets which I'm not sure are delivering the goods to be honest - something I need to analyse as I've always been wary of the big bets from SLH - sometimes make me wonder if it's worth just playing level stakes. Shouldn't really complain as we're in profit for the week from SLH and really that's what its all about. Long term long term long term!

Tipping Legends stinking form continues though with another 9 points down again today. Only bet from Equine was a non runner.

Miserable, my happiness short lived but I think maybe a corner is being turned! Still treading water though - no more. no less.

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