Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sorry Saturday

Busy day on the account on Saturday - always seems to be the case but doesn't necessarily mean that Saturdays are bumper profit days - yesterday being case in point. Not totted up the sums but suspect i came out of it quite a bit down.

Only real winning bets of note was Silver by Nature from 4PA in the 3.35 at Haydock - I got 6/1 but price drifted to 7/1 so BOG happy days - it all adds up!!

SLH had another 4 point win bet yesterday, Knockara Beua in the 2.15 at Ascot - I got 11/4 on this but the horse made mistakes and finished 4 lengths behind favourite Burton Point. I mentioned that I thought SLH hadn't had any 4 pt win bets in the time I've been with him but reviewed my stats and he certainly has with mixed results. Suppose I need to decide what I'm comfortable betting - £140 (i play £35 per point on SLH) for me is a lot of money on one horse. Wonder if I should move SLH to level stakes. I'm going to do some analysis and keep you posted on that.

Tipping Legends and Double The Odds both continuing poor runs overall. DTO especially - another 7 losers yesterday!!

Monday night is my usual stats up date night and will keep you up to date as to how things go.

No racing today i see due to the weather! A relaxing Sunday ahead then!

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