Monday, February 15, 2010

Mixed Bag

Mixed bag today all in all - stung by a whopping 4 pointer from SLH which came in 2nd. Not sure I remember a 4 point single bet from Steve before!!

So in the end it wasn't too be and in the 4.30 at Plumpton Bormo finished a massive 15 lengths behind AP McCoy ridden, N Henderson trained Tanks for That. Frustrating - AP McCoy has been a nemisis for me to a certain extent - tried to get into the laying game a few months ago and got stung a wee bit laying his rides!! Was tinkering rather than being serious so it was my own fault.

Anyhow the rest looked like this;

Equine came up with Tropical Blue - best odds I could get 3/1. An each way bet which I thought was a bit strange but duly came in 2nd so I wasn't too unhappy with getting the majority of my stake back

Poor day again from Tipping Legends - both De Boitron and Ellen Tilley not delivering so another 6 points down. I'm just totting up my spreadsheets and isn't looking too pretty.

Only other quick mention is had an account bet win from the mathematician in the shape of Miami Gator so happy with that!!

Just adding my 2010 figures up and almost finished January. Looking like an excellent month for Equine Investments, SLH and Each Way Value and not so good for the rest (especially Tipping Legends).

Will provide more detail as soon as I'm done with that!!

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