Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Invisible Profits

Monday was a quiet day but another losing day so not too happy!! Had a hard day putting bets on as I was travelling again.

Biggest bet of the day was 3 point win from SLH who I got on at 11/4 with ladbrokes so just above the min of 5/2. And invisible man was just that finishing 6th. Not great for a big bet in my book.

Equine and Mathematician both put horses up in the 3pm at Wolverhampton - Geezers Colours from Equine recommended at 8/1 (I got 11/2) and Ravi River from Mathematician (I got got best odds guarantee at 9/4). Surprisingly (without being mean) Mathematician did the job!!

Still a losing day overall, compounded by Double the Odds miserable run continuing!!

Feel like little progress being made at the moment. Hopefully the corner will turn!

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