Friday, March 19, 2010

Cheltenham Day 3 Update

Apologies there was no update last night - went out for a few beers!

Not celebrating winnings unfortunately...

So not looking too pretty now after a dismal day today - it's certainly been a tricky festival - scores on the doors for me are;

Day 1 +£411
Day 2 -£67
Day 3 -£498
Balance -£154

So running in negative and my fear of the big meet is materialising... but there's always tomorrow!! Who to pick in the big race!! Decisions decisions... It was Denman vs Kauto Star that got me really into this game. Ladbrokes had £100 free bet offer so I whacked £100 on Denman to win and the rest is history.... For value its got to be a pick outside the top 2. Maybe...

Found it a right struggle getting bets on all week though - I've been at work so relying on mobile betting - all the sites are quite slow due to volumes of punters. May take this week off next year...

On a brighter note the work syndicate is doing well and we're about £200 up so i'm sure we'll blow it all tomorrow....

Good luck for tomorrow!


Roovs said...

We have organised a small community based website which aims to put together a group of people that are willing to migrate to Betdaq for one day a week (or stop trading on Betfair for that day) in an attempt to show Betfair that there are alternatives in the betting world and that they cannot behave like a monopoly. If you are further interested please visit:
It would be absolutely awesome if you could show your support and maybe post a short message and link on your blog?
Kind Regards,

mrh-beats said...

Hi there,

Have added your link and had a nose at your website. Looks like a good idea - would be good to see a bit of competition for betfair. Would encourage others to take a look!!

Good luck and keep me posted!