Saturday, March 27, 2010

Steve Lewis Hamilton (SLH) Analysis

I've finally managed to getting round to completing my analysis of SLH results since I joined the service. This was on the back of feelings that the points waged didn't have an impact on the chances of winning (if you know what i mean). It's also part of some work I'm doing on my staking plans and where to go next with some of the tipsters.

First thing I've done with SLH results is a basic analysis on the number of bets and points and percentage winners / losers.

(see below for some caveats to the table)

As you can see the 2 point bets are the most common - which is good news as they are the most successful bets in terms of winners. 1 point bets are the least successful bets (as you would expect). 4 point bets 2nd most successful and 3 point 3rd most. Now I would expect the 4 point bets to be the best, 3 point next etc.

What that does do is strenghthen the arguement for moving to level stakes for SLH. I'm going to do two more things - (1) split the table into years and then (2) compare level stakes to points stakes and see where we end up! I'm also going to do some work on strike rate over time etc.

The time I've been with SLH has been incredibly successful and while strike rate in 2010 certainly looks like its been lower, I'm still in profit for 2010 and I can not fault the service over the long term - I know there are many doubters now out there - my recommendation would be - stick with it! (or maybe don't - then it would be easier to get bets on at recommended prices!!) ;-)

The information is taken from my personal spreadsheets and worth pointing out some caveats to the table;
1) I joined SLH in July 2008 so records only from then

2) My spreadsheet update work has at times been poor so some bets will be missing or inaccurately input and there are periods when I was on holiday that will also be excluded

3) Results only up to 19 March 2010

4) Overall therefore I'd suggest I'm about 95% accurate but still a good guide.


Anonymous said...

JB says,
Lookin forward to this analysis of SLH, been withhim for about 2years

mrh-beats said...

Thanks JB - am in the process of working it out. Unfortunately other things have got in the way the last couple of weeks but getting there!!

Thanks for your comment