Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lean Times - Not always though!

Certainly not been the greatest few weeks on the horses and in the lead up to Cheltenham it would be better to have had a good war chest ready and waiting to fund the battle with the bookies!!

Inevitably there's going to be a lot of bets on next week and as I mentioned in my last update, the big meets never really get me going. Sometimes it feels like there are too many bets flying about, too many horses in each race with a stake in and it all makes it feel very daunting and nerve racking!! I don't recall Cheltenham being that profitable for me last season and I remember a huge amount of betting being done. Unfortunately my records over that period aren't that up to date. Had a quick scan through JP's blog and while the Cheltenham week was profitable for him that was largely due to Leau De Nil winning for SLH at 50/1 or 33/1 which wasn't even a Cheltenham bet!! And actually Cheltenham turned out to be a heavy loss. I thought SLH was going to do the same on Saturday with a 40/1 shot but it was to no avail!!

Well I'm staying in a positive frame of mind and hoping things turnaround. Thought I'd give you some of my betting highlights over the last wee while for me - these are the things that remind me of why I started this and why it's all about the long term;

SLH - 31/01/09 - Amoro Mio / Thetwincamdrift - (2pt e/w dbl) - I mistakenly doubled the bet (lord knows how) and came out smiling - made just shy of £2k on that bet and the two accompanying singles!!

SLH - 09/03/09 - Leau De Nil - (1pt e/w) - put the bet on what was the 2nd day of my honeymoon - made £1250 - paid for the holiday there and then!

SLH - 30/10/09 - Tarvini / Dawn Ride (personal dbl) - put the dbl on following the SLH single tips and totted up £2k on the day!!

Equine - July 09 - racked up the best part of £2k in one month as the winners kept on coming!!

Equine - 22/08/09 - Bertoliver / Fanjura (dbl) - was rushing to a football match in London and almost forgot to put this one on. Glad I didn't as it made me £700.

You can see these highlights have come from SLH and Equine - definitely the best performing tipsters I've signed up to. I know SLH is having a lengthy lean time but he'll come back for sure and we'll see these profits again!!

It's all about keeping the faith!!

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