Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not good, not good! But not all bad...

Another poor day today although it wasn't all doom and gloom.

SLH has certainly taken a bit of pasting this week - the margins are so tight it's amazing - so 4pt loss today from Aim for the Stars in the 4.30 at Ludlow. Horse finished 4th - I haven't watched the race but 2 lengths behind 3rd and that's a £140 hit. Yesterday - the biggest of the 3 bets, 3pts on Wiesenfurst in the 3.10 at Folkestone - came 2nd by a short head!! £105 down!

But hey ho - the short term is the short term and in this business it's all about the long term. Feels like a slog sometimes but that is the way it is.

Nice win from Each Way Qualifiers today - I asked for 12 on betfair and it was matched before start for Mafeking in the 6.20 at Wolverhampton. Certainly a great service now - renewal up on the 11th March and I will certainly re-subscribe - the existing member price is a tremendous deal for the return.

Double the Odds have certainly found some form as well - couple of good price winners in the last few days; Escortman coming in the 2pm at Kempton on Saturday at an SP of 29 on betfair and Inga Bird delivering yesterday so taking some of the pain away from the losses. Hope this is DTO turning the corner!

So I'm going to start looking at the positives now. One thing that I think is my issue is that my account is too heavily weighted to certain tipsters. There is a good reason for that - in so much that success justifies it. However when there's a few bets from SLH, for example, that don't go well, the winners from the other services don't make up the difference. That's certainly not the right way to do it.

Need to manage my portfolio better basically.

Mulling over pulling out of the TL golf service. Think I'm not enjoying golf betting that much. Forgot to put the bets on last night for this week and I keep doing that. Maybe the long term wait for results in golf is not for me. I like a bit of ticking over!! Although to be fair to them we've had a couple of places in the last couple of weeks so again hopefully things turning round there too.

I keep on promising to do some analysis on SLH - to get a view on 4pointers, and maybe see if it's just as good to play to level stakes. I will get round to it - but time is not something I have a huge amount of at the moment.

I'm away with work all week next week so that's challenging in itself getting the bets on is an extra challenge!!

This will probably be my last update in a few days, because of that but also because it's my wedding anniversary this weekend and we're away!! (will still be betting of course)....

Well that was a fair old ramble.

Hope the weekend is good to everyone!!



"Playing it safe' said...

Hi Mate

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"Playing it safe' said...
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"Playing it safe' said...
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SimpleBet said...

Keep at it fella.

When you get your portfolio sorted and balanced you should start to show a nice profit.

The weather is settling down so we should be through the worst of things, for a while anyway!

Good luck

yazmin said...


I was wondering if I could have a link on your website for my blog. Ive just started betting and blogging and wanted some visitors :). The address is:

mrh-beats said...

Hi Viking,

Thank for you comments! Will add your blog to my list! Good luck with it all.

Hi Simplebet - thanks for that. The thing for me is the lack of time I have but if it's gonna work I'm going to have to spend time on it.

Hi Yazmin - absolutely will add you and have a nose! Good luck!