Tuesday, March 2, 2010

January Update... Finally...

And it here it is.... In the end wasn't as good as i thought once I went through betfair stats! Tipping Legends Golf was in there as were a few Football Elite bets which hadn't been too successful over that period.

Nonetheless a decent profit for the first month of the year considering racing was wiped out for the first half of Jan and I didn't start betting again until 13 Jan following my hols.

Couple of points to note;

(1) The profit / points are based on the odds I got, not the odds quoted. This could be either because the odds weren't available, I don't have accounts with particular bookies, I have been restricted on particular bookies or because I was slow in getting the bet on. The work I do means that i can't always get to place bets immediately.
(2) There is a chance I've missed a few bets as I was so far behind in collating but hopefully the majority is there.

Interesting that in Jan 2009 I made £1,880 profit, 95% of which was generated by SLH. At that point I had subscribed only to a couple of services.
In Jan 2010, £690 profit with SLH standing out again, Equine Investments and also Each Way Pays delivering the goods.
What this does show is that diversification isn't doing me any good at the moment. If I stuck with who i see as my two key tipsters (SLH and Equine) I'd have made over £500 more. Food for thought....

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