Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 into 2012

I've finally managed to bring my stats up to date so have a clear picture of what 2011 looked like and how well I finished - the problem being that I have writers block at the moment and am trying to put everything into words so I will just start and see where we get to.

December finished strongly with a total profit of £1,621 made in the month making it the 2nd most profitable month of 2011. This brought my overall profit to £5,179 for the year. Whoopppeee you may say and quite rightly so, however taking subs into account left me with a negative £46 on the year.

So for all that work and effort and scramble I lost myself £46. Theoretically I should be banging my head against the table and wanting to throw the towel in after that but to be honest I'd say 2011 has been a fascinating year - even though I've been doing this for 3 plus years now I think I've really learnt more this year than any of the previous years and if this means I've only broken even then so be it.

What I can't let happen is for the same to happen in 2012 and that has got to be my clear intention. I'm not laying out an agenda or mission statement or whatever the phrase is but I've got to make a net profit or there really is no point in doing this (no matter how much I enjoy it).

Regular readers to my blog will know that I set myself a notional figure of £20 a day and I'm sticking to that as an aspirational goal but really all I would like is something that will pay for the holiday this year and some nice treats that we couldn't usually afford... Lets what and see what happens but I will set out some thoughts over the coming weeks as to how I address this.

Back to December - it was another great month for Systematic Betting with £1,168 profit made, also was delighted to see Piecost back in the game with £213 taken off the losses and hopefully this is the start of movement into profit. 4PA, Northern Monkey. The Football Analyst and Equine Turnover all providing good returns with Steve Lewis Hamilton propping up the rear with a small positive.

Dreadful month for Equine Main Account with not a single winner found in the month. While drawdowns are part of the game the performance of the main account has been woeful - especially considering the cost of the service. Poor also for Mr Gekko Bets and Market Examiner (on the prices I got). Headline rates for Market Examiner suggest a profit on the month but I was well down so need to find out where things are going wrong.

If anyone is interested in me reviewing any particular service from 2011 give me a shout and I'll provide some detail - otherwise I'll pull together some summary paragraphs on performance over the next few days.


The Cat said...

Hi mate,

Cracking blog and love reading about your journey! Have you thought of trying Herbie Fogg, or have you got enough services already?! He is on fire & for such a cheap service one I would not be without in my portfolio.

All the best!

The Cat said...

I was with the Market Examiner for a fair few months and had some monster wins, but it was so stressful getting the headline prices! If I was not by my mobile at 11am everyday forget it! Is it still the same? I did not renew for this very reason, plus having 20-1 winners at betfred was always going to get my account closed in the long run!

The Market Examiner said...

Hi mate - sorry to hear you ended down in December with us.

Are you still staking each-way on our selections? I know that each-way returns wouldn't have been as good as win-only in December.. although each-way would have been the way to go so far in January.

Either way we're moving into what's traditionally our most profitable few months so hopefully you'll start to see the service working well for you soon.

As ever please feel free to email me if you'd like to discuss analysis/staking etc.

All the best for the rest of the month and beyond.


Neil Whitehead said...

Am I going mad or did SLH forget to do the review message on Monday? I thought he said he was going to tie it over from Sunday to Monday but I never heard it. Have I missed it? I wanted to find out how he accounted for the quality of the selections over the weekend. I thought they were very peculiar choices indeed.

Anthony said...

Three more losing bets from SLH today and 4.5 points lost. I missed the two bets on Saturday - what were these in terms of stakes and bet types? This time of year really is bad for racing. SLH should not be throwing caution to the wind. The last few selections have been thrashed, absolutely thrashed.

mrh-beats said...

Hi "The Cat" - many thanks for your comments. Herbie Fogg has come up a few times in mentions so will need to check out although I do need to reduce my tipsters rather than increase! I don't think the problem with Market Examiner lies with getting odds on to be honest - but maybe it does if I'm not getting into profit. I need to do some analysis to see where I went wrong.

Hi Sam - thanks for posting and offering the option to chat through things on email. Will do my analysis and come back to you when I get a chance. Good to hear we're coming into a profitable period.

Neil - no he said he would tide it over until next week as he'd only had the one or two bets - could do with some re-assurance that things are going to turnaround.

Anthony - bets on Saturday were Rougham and The Strawberry One (both 1 pointers) both losers. Been tough going - and it has with all services.