Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Update - 15 Jan 2012

Will aim at the very least to do an update once a week. In this update I'll cover off the first couple of weeks in Jan.

The account is sitting at -£308 so it's been a poor start to 2012 with 10 losing days out of 15. No major damage done overall but it's always preferable to rack up some profit at the start of the year - means that I'm swimming uphill already!

A good time for... It's been a good start to the year for both 4PA and Piecost with some healthy profits made on both services. 4PA account bets have performed well as the basic system. I'm playing minimum stakes on the non basic system bets - and missed out on a big payout on Saturday because of that - however based on previous results it is the right decision. Great to see Piecost doing so well - I think we were all despairing at the end of November with 3 losing months (of which I'd seen 2) but December went well and January is up 30 points. A few more winners and I'll start to be in profit.

Nice also to see The Market Examiner in profit for the month with the wins topped up with 14 places in the month.

A bad time for... Not a good start to the year for Northern Monkey - Wayne is yet to find a winner this year, but I suppose we were due some form of drawdown after the previous stellar performance of the service. Poor start from SLH, Equine Turnover, Systematic and the Football Analyst. Nothing to worry about for most of these in the long run, apart from Steve Lewis Hamilton who has been treading water for too long now with no movement on the account since late June. I've been here before with SLH but we really need to see some winners soon to restore full confidence.

Clearly Equine Investments continues to worry and interesting post on SBC Forum from Laurence re the service. It does feel that the main account is needing serious revamp if it is to continue. My thoughts on launching a new service while the main hasn't done so well are documented!

Anything else... I continue to debate how to move things forward and increase profit and am just need to stop talking about doing stuff and get on with it. With a full time job the biggest drag on what I can and can't realistically achieve is time. There simply isn't enough of it to try to achieve everything. The bottom line is the job comes first and this is next.

Lets see if we can get the 2nd half of January into profit!


AL said...

What about Hugh Taylor?

Managed Risk said...

Plenty of time for profit in day at a time. good luck!


Anonymous said...

Mate, you have not updated this properly this year. Please can you start updating it regularly again? What is going on?

Anonymous said...

Come on, give us an update. My portfolio is a mess and I am on the verge of having my betting bank wiped out.

David said...

Steve Lewis Hamilton plunged to a new low on his Private Service review message this evening. After running through the past week's bets on the Private Service (four losing bets), he proceeded to say "well, hopefully any losses were offset by the winning bets on the Exchange Service". I am not a member of the Exchange Service as I do not have access to the betting exchanges during the working week. I wish Steve would keep his review message separate - it is supposed to be for the Private Service alone. After a dozen or so losing bets on the Private Service this year, I do not want to be told that the Exchange Service is making a profit. It is not relevant. Really frustrated.

Graham said...

Below is the latest information on Steve Lewis Hamilton's website following a week of four losing Private Service bets (all four horses were poor):

"A profitable week on all bets with the winners all coming from Steve's exchange betting. A 35% profit on stakes for the week."

"Yet again the additional analysis proved beneficial for the astute members using this area of Steve's work in their betting."

I follow the selected Private Service bets only and do not have time for the additional races he covers - when I have done they have lost anyway. The Private Service has made no profit whatsoever this year or over the last six months. Rob Lewis Hamilton is cherry-picking results and massaging the statistics on behalf of his brother. I do not want to be told that the Exchange Service is offsetting the Private Service losses. I pay a lot of money to be a member of the Private Service and am not a member of the Exchange Service.