Monday, January 30, 2012


January has been a bit of a topsy turvy month - started off very well, took a double dip and has built back up into profit.

Up until Saturday 28th I'm sitting £291 in gross profit so a decent turnaround since the last update. It's still not net profit though and once subs are taken into account it will be another net losing month.

A lot of promise though...

4PA has had a great month with 20 points profit and the underlying basic system continuing to deliver, topped up with a separate account bet winner.

Piecost remains in cracking form with approx 35 points profit - after an awful start - things have certainly improved and I've increased my staking to £10 per point.

Systematic continues to deliver with 13 points profit.

Equine Main has done well to turn things around with just under 10 points profit for the month. Well below the par for the season but good to see now turning a profit.

Market Examiner has delivered the first ever monthly profit for me - hopefully this is a sign of things to come!

Fair to middling....

Equine Turnover and The Football Analyst both having flat months so no damage done but no profit!

And not so good....

Northern Monkey had to give some money back I suppose and down 20 points on the month brings us back down to Earth - we had to wait until the 18th to get the first winner of the year. A blip I'm sure.

Steve Lewis Hamilton really is in trouble - there's no doubt its been a rough few months and the jacket is on a shaky peg. Down 15 points this month compounding the problems.

Farewell to...

I've packed in Mr Gekko Bets - really going nowhere and time to draw a line under it, accept losses and move on. Additionally I've surprised myself by pausing on Football Elite as well. Decided that while subs are low, I'm not willing to commit a big tick up in stakes and without that there's never going to be huge profit. Performance hasn't been great for a year and while in the grand scheme of things (in terms of bet volume) the period I'm talking about is quite short its not for me.

So down to 9 services from 11. I want to cut 2 or 3 more out to make things more manageable. Equine Investments Main will definitely be one of those for reasons I've already covered on the blog.

The others will be decided on return + potential.

Feel positive about the year - getting my priorities right and feel more in control. It's all about making money - pure and simple.

Will be back as and when the rest of my life permits (priorities again)....


Anonymous said...

I am not 1 to be slagging off all the time But slh is really taking the buiscuit with the headlines on his website,been with him a good while but there seems no hope to him turning things around my subs are up today and think I will call it time up,I have cut services to 3 now with m little wood being my main service.i mean I know n monkey is having a bad spell but how can you subscribe to him for £50& slh asks for £350 +fees to phone. When results are taking into account n.monkey wins hands down and he also tips with more regularity.

mrh-beats said...

It's been a bad few months for Steve there's no doubt and even I am beginning to lose confidence.

You are absolutely right about subs. SLH, Equine all charge too much when you compare them to other lower charged services. You have to perform year on year on year if you charge that much

Anonymous said...

I agree with both of the above comments. I am also a longtime member of Steve's. I think the service is much worse now than it was a few years ago. 2009 is the last time the service made any significant profit. Last year was a struggle and once subs and phone costs are taken into account, the profit on the year was minimal. It was going quite well in the spring and early summer, but since last July it has been woeful with only a few good winners, such as Masked Marvel. November was poor, December was worse and January was shocking. I wonder if February will bring any improvement, but I doubt it. Steve keeps arrogantly saying that he understands which jockeys are best in relation to the new whip rule, but why does he keep picking out absolute shockers which finish last or fall over? I cannot fathom how he thought the horse called Fidelor was strong enough for the account! It was terrible. It is a relief these days when Steve says there is nothing strong enough for the account/nothing warrants going onto the account as it means no further money is lost.

Darren said...

I cannot take any more of SLH. I am cancelling my membership. I cannot afford to continue both in terms of subscription costs and ongoing losses.