Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back in Business

Happy New Year to you all. Hope the festive break was good and here's to a prosperous 2012.

As I mentioned I was away for most of the time so while I managed to get bets on I didn't manage to update spreadsheets etc so the constant battle to keep up to date continues. Also haven't had much time to gather my thoughts etc for plans for 2012 so hope to do that throughout the month.

2011 ended on a high lets hope the good run continues well into 2012.


Anonymous said...

Last year, SLH did not get his first winner until 29th Jan (his 10th selection) and even then it was a third E/W. 2012 has started with 3 selections: LAST, 2nd LAST & LAST. Anyone joining the service on 31st Jult 2011 will still not be in profit yet. Hope his form improves again soon. Woody.

mrh-beats said...

Yeah its not been a great start to 2012 that's for sure - today really capping it off. It does feel that history is repeating itself.