Thursday, January 12, 2012


After what looked like an excellent start to 2012, the last 7 days have been awful with over £900 wiped off the account. I've not totted up the scores on the doors per tipster but everyone seems to be performing badly - after the highs of late 2011 it is back down to earth with a bump!

Not totally unexpected I suppose but would be nice to (a) either have the odd winning day or (b) at least one tipster performing well.

Interesting to note that Piecost have had 17 2nd places in January which is quite incredible. The wind will change and our luck will be in again.

Appreciate all the comments. I've not published all as I've mentioned in the past that I'd prefer non-anon and constructive comments! But I do understand frustration!

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Anonymous said...

I know how you feel since xmas day all my services have gone on a rotten run awful stuff. Not that thy have been in brillant form before then