Friday, February 25, 2011

Back and Refreshed

Just back from holidays and feeling refreshed after 2 weeks in the far east visiting friends and enjoying some time on the beach. Just what the doctor ordered for February! I didn't bet at all while I was away although the time zone difference certainly made it possible to do so - bets would come through late afternoon / early evening! Something to consider if we ever move out there!!

Haven't paid too much attention to what happened while I was away although I did see that the day after I left Roger Green managed a 5 point 12/1 winner and appears to have had a decent run since then. Incredibly frustrating when that happens but I think you've got to make some choices and stick to them - certainly when you are on holiday you are on holiday in my mind. Don't want to dwell on the missed bets but sometimes its hard not to especially considering the year to date position. Although being away from work and bets has certainly refreshed me and feel back up for it.

Been betting since my return on Wednesday and unfortunately a couple of losing days so feels a wee bit like groundhog day - but c'est la vie and surely the only way is up!

I've made a couple of changes to my betting - reduced my Neural bets to £5 per point and I've signed up to Northern Monkey so will see how that goes. Will keep you posted on how things progress.

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